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Estate and Trust Tax Services:
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Roseville CPA Accountant There are many issues to consider when administering an estate or trust. We have extensive experience in handling trust and estate tax and accounting issues in the Roseville and greater Sacramento areas.

We are able to prepare Form 706, United States Estate Tax Return, as well as the annual Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts. In addition to the tax filings, we can help with trust funding and accountings. Trust funding includes the strategic analysis of allocating certain assets, or minority interests thereof, into multiple trusts to accomplish maximum estate tax savings and to meet the needs of current and future estate/trust beneficiaries.

Our firm has prepared both informal trust accountings for trust beneficiaries and formal trust accountings for Court presentation. Our firm has invested a lot of research and energy into this particular niche of trust and estates and we believe that our services in this area are first class.

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CBR A.P.A.C. is a Roseville CPA accounting firm specializing in small to mid-size business tax planning, consulting, and financial statement preparation in both of our Roseville and Cameron Park offices.