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Tax Planning Intellichoice.com - This site can assist you with determining the GVW for your vehicle. (If your GVW (gross vehicle weight) is over 6000 lbs., you may be able to substantially increase your business depreciation write-off on your vehicle).

Tax Planning Donation Value Guide - this site provides suggested valuations of different types of items sold in Salvation Army stores. (this may be useful in valuing your non-cash charitable contributions depending of course upon the condition of the items donated. Also please note that other thrift stores may provide valuations that are different).

Tax Planning SSA.gov/estimator - this site assists you in calculating social security benefits.

Tax Planning Scholarshare.com - information for the California ScholarShare Sec 529 plan.(see also www.savingforcollege.com for general information on Sec 529 plans and for comparative analysis of the various state plans).

Tax Planning KBB.com - for help in valuing your used car donation. (click on "my car's value"; "private party").

Tax Planning IRS.gov - web site for the Internal Revenue Service will provide you with information on the status of your refund, and other information.

Tax Planning FTB.ca.gov - web site for the Franchise Tax Board will provide you with Form 8454 if you want to opt out of e-filing, and other information.

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CBR A.P.A.C. is a Roseville CPA accounting firm specializing in small to mid-size business tax planning, consulting, and financial statement preparation in both of our Roseville and Cameron Park offices.